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Baby blue and gold macaw fully weaned, wormed and ready for a loving family.

Babies are hand raised and hand reared in family environment with children so they are well socialized and friendly. Birds do not nip and as new buyer the baby will be introduced over a couple of visits to allow bonding with their new owner.

These birds are highly intelligent and not a novelty bird. They are highly sensitive in nature and should be purchased with the intent for keeping them for life, not something to pass off after a couple of years. Like children, they can be hard work, but the love and affection these birds can give an owner is more then rewarding.

The macaw will be sold with starters pack and includes DNA sexing certificate. I have a male and female unrelated ready to find their new home.

Please note these birds are hand raised from the egg. That’s 6 long months of feeding these babies by hand. So know that these birds are more humanized then anything and asking for a lower price will not happen. If you can find these birds cheaper elsewhere, my suggestion would be to go buy cheaper elsewhere. You pay for what you get.

These babies have been handraised with tropican hand rearing formula and are now eating, fresh fruit, veg and nuts daily along with a pellet diet.

Please note, these are not the smaller species of blue and gold but the larger.

If you require a cage, a new one can be sold at an extra price.

Feel free to ask questions.

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