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lilac-crowned Amazon for sale

lilac amazon egg

The lilac-crowned Amazon is one of the smaller Amazon species and tends to have a smaller voice compared to the larger, more boisterous yellow-crowned and double yellow-headed Amazons. Lilac crowns can be loyal companions and, like most Amazons, have hearty appetites.

As time passes and your pet spends more time around people, he will pick up a couple of words. After all, the Amazons are primarily known as fantastic talkers. The Lilac Crowned Amazon is much more docile though, so talking won’t be his primary concern. They do have loud natural calls, but these are not often heard. Mostly when something’s wrong, or strangers are in the house. They are very intelligent, but the speaking abilities might vary from bird to bird. In any case, a small vocabulary is a natural and guaranteed behavior.

With their vivid and bright color combinations, the Amazon parrots exude a breath of exotic and tropical regions of their native habitat. The Lilac Crowned parrots are mostly bright green, with the ruffled feathers characteristic of Amazons. There are a few unique and distinguishing details that set them apart, though. The neck and the back of the head are light blue, while the forehead is strikingly purple, giving them their common name. There are also a few yellow undertones, mainly seen under the wings and on the tail. These combinations are certain to leave an impression. These are some beautiful birds!

The Lilac Crowned Amazon is similar to its close cousins, with a few unique details that make it a stunningly pretty parrot.

In the wild, these endangered parrots thrive on a careful selection of fruits, seeds, nuts and agricultural crops. As a pet, this diet is best simulated by commercial seed mixes that are varied and contain all the necessary nutrients. To balance their diet, give your Amazon a regular dose of fresh fruits and vegetables. Another essential part of their care is bathing. Either take them to the shower with you, let them bathe in the sink or offer them a bathing dish of their own. They will love it, and it will work as important prevention of feather borne diseases.


Lilac-crowned Amazons are considered good talkers; however, the quality isn’t considered as good as some of the other Amazon species. Some may never learn to talk at all. They are gentle birds with a quiet demeanor, which makes them a better pet than other more aggressive amazons.

They make wonderful companions for the compatible bird owners, and are appreciated for their clowny personality. They enjoy water and should be provided with showers, about 1 a week. If they are not showered, they will do it for themselves in their water bowl, which can make quite a mess.

Amazon ownership generally presents multiple challenges, such as excessive chewing – especially at certain stages in their life. They do discover their beaks as method of “disciplining us” once they are out of the “baby stage” and they can generally be somewhat naughty, and it really is important to learn to understand them and to guide their behavior before an undesirable behavior has been established. Aggressive behavior is especially common in “hormonal” amazons. Undisciplined amazons will chew on electric wiring potentially causing house fires. They regard anything in your home as a “toy” that can be explored and chewed on; destroying items that you may hold dear or are simply valuable.

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