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Is it Too Hot For Your Parrot?


The summer season is in full swing — and that means that the weather is warm and the humidity is high. In addition to making sure that your parrot isn’t directly under the air conditioner, you’ll also want to make sure that your parrot doesn’t overheat on hot days. Extreme temperatures aren’t good for our feathered friends.

Do you know what temperature is best for your parrot — and how to keep your pet cool during summer heatwaves? We’ve answered a few of your questions below.

What is the ideal temperature range?

Most pet birds are happy with a temperature between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this can vary between species.

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Tips to Keep Your Bird Cool:

  • Make sure your pet has some shade. If you bring your pet outdoors to enjoy the sun, make sure that your pet has plenty of shade to escape the sun.
  • Keep a misting bottle on hand. Cool your bird down when he or she is overheating to keep your bird cool. Your pet loves to bathe and get wet!
  • Provide your bird with plenty of water. Make sure that your bird’s dish is full of fresh, clean water. This will keep your pet hydrated and cool.

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