PSA featuring “W H A L E” by Yellow Ostrich [ostrich]

Participant Media's 2011 film "The Beaver" has partnered with the Kristin Brooks Hope Center and for last month's launch of, the first online crisis network with 100% of its volunteers trained and certified in crisis intervention. This social action campaign for "The Beaver" has sponsored IMAlive's first 12,500 IM (instant message) chats to people suffering from depression or close to suicide.

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For more information on the campaign, please visit

Director - Mariana Blanco
Producer - Carolyn Sams
Production Design - Sol Linero & Barbara Sordoni
Director of Photography - Javier Pistani
Assistant Cameraman - Lucas Guardincerri
Animation and VFX DIrector - Sol Linero
Additional VFX - Sprinklelab, Martin Garro
Special Thanks - Verónica Del Real, Jogu Gutierrez
Sound design by TK Broderick
Featuring the song 'W H A L E' by Yellow Ostrich