Hyacinth Macaw

We have a pair of Hyacinth macaw chick, very curious and very tame,breeder with over 25 years of experience ,they are hand reared , still taking two feeds a day(but only a small feed in the morning)..
eating soaked seed, banana, grapes and shelled nuts.

Will only allow collection when the bird COULD be weaned,this will be in about 3 weeks,could be collected just before Valentines day.

More Information

Fertile species of parrots eggs now ready for sale, all collected from very healthy birds in my
Aviary ,has been candle tested and confirmed to be fertile.I have the following listed parrots eggs and parrots babies with adult available for sale.
-Hyacinth macaws eggs
-Greenwing macaws eggs
-Blue & gold macaw eggs
-Scarlet Macaws eggs
-Palm cockatoos eggs
-Umbrela cockatoos eggs
-Black palm cockatoos eggs
-Moluccan cockatoos eegs
-Goffin cockatoos eggs
-African Gray eggs
-Amazon eggs
-Toucan eggs
-Eclectus eggs
-Solomons island eclectus eggs
We shipped worldwide with a well protected octagon vx 20 turbo along side DvDs hand manuals to help buyers use it for the
proper and accurate raising of the parrot babies and know how