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Hyacinth macaw egg for sale

Hyacinth macaw exhibit amicable and outgoing behavior, most of which starts off with making a strong bond with their owner, although they are not possessive about their preferred “human”. If you have frequent guests at home, your pet will gladly meet them out of its instinctive social nature. It even enjoys playing with kids. If left alone for a long time it becomes cranky. For its enrichment, toys and human association are needed.

Hyacinth macaws are a handful to care for, so before seeking a breeder, check with animal rescue organizations and adoption agencies on the chance that a bird may have been given up by someone unable to care for it. Beyond this, macaws are not commonly sold in pet stores, so seek out a breeder specializing in this specimen.

The right owner for a hyacinth macaw is someone who has either kept many birds successfully before, or someone who has done a lot of research, has consulted the experts, and knows exactly what they’re getting into. Still, the Hyacinth is not a great first bird simply because it can be a handful.

Hyacinth macaws need a very specific diet. In the wild this bird’s diet consists almost wholly of palm nuts from two specific types of palm tress. Hyacinths harvest the nuts from the trees in the wild, though the bird also has a very characteristic way of finding the nuts already stripped of their tough, fibrous outer coating: Hyacinths forage in cattle lands looking for dung containing the nuts, which are indigestible to the cattle, but easier for the hyacinth to open — the cow has done most of the work.

Besides the amazing size, the Hyacinth macaw is best known for the striking colors of its plumage. Their appearance is the perfect combination of grace and exotics, and these birds will captivate you with the deep cobalt blue which covers them entirely. Combined with this color of the darkest ocean depths is soft yellow – circling their eyes and the sides of the mouth. One of nature’s prettiest combinations, it creates a beautiful look and an illusion of a smile.

Hyacinth macaws (scientifically known as Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus), a type of blue parrots, are the largest of all flying parrots. These “gentle giants” are a delight to look at because of their conspicuous appearance and social disposition. Although their existence is susceptible to extinction because of rapid habitat loss but commercial breeding is legal as it helps conserve the species well.

Adoption of hyacinth macaws is a full-time adventure, that too for a long time. So, ensuring the fact that you are financially, mentally and physically capable of a long term commitment is the most important aspect to contemplate on before acquiring the bird.

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