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The weather is warming up, the wild birds are migrating through, and we?e all starting to think about wandering off to sunny places. If you have never been on a road trip with your parrot, maybe you should plan a little vacation with your favorite feathered friend.

The Plan
Make sure you start with a plan. You should have a timeline for when you leave, how much drive time is involved and where you are going to stop for breaks and for the night. You don? want to find yourself with a parrot and no place to go! There are many hotels and motels that welcome your parrot. A quick check on the Internet when you map out your route will tell you where you?l both be welcome. Make reservations and if you have a loud parrot, see if you can get a room that isn't? right next to anyone else?.

Of course, you should make sure that your travel companion is ready as well. If your parrot has never traveled with you before or doesn? enjoy riding a car, then a long impromptu trip is probably not the best idea. Take a few short trips with your parrot and build up to a longer one. And don? forget that no matter how pleasant the weather, you should never leave your parrot inside the car when you?e not in it.
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The Prep
Have your vehicle checked. Make sure your tires are roadworthy and that your oil is changed. The last thing you want is to be stuck on the roadside with a parrot, waiting for a tow truck. Believe me, I?e been there! While my grey parrot? commentary was amusing, worrying over my friend was not fun. Also, make sure your parrot is in good health and if you trim his wing feathers, that they haven? grown out.

Pack snacks, meals, toys, water, towels for cleanup and sheets for shade in case your parrot is getting too much sun in the vehicle. If you use a harness with your parrot, don? forget to bring that along as well. You may want to bring a tabletop play stand or collapsible perch for when your parrot gets to hang out with you in the hotel room as well. Oh, and don? forget the road trip playlist! Half the fun of traveling with a parrot is having someone who can belt out the tunes with you.

The Trip
There are a few things you can do on the trip that will ensure everything goes smoothly as well. You?l want to make sure your parrot has a carrier that it can ride comfortably in without damaging any feathers. The carrier should also have a favorite toy or two to keep your parrot occupied as well as a few snacks. Just don? overcrowd it. Also, make sure the carrier is positioned so that your parrot? perch is pointed in the same direction as the car. Your parrot is standing, not sitting like you are and this way your bird can lean into the movements of the vehicle without being thrown forward face-first.

Also, leaving water in the carrier can create a mess, but carry a bottle of water and offer drinks to your bird often. You can also bring fruit with high water content, like grapes, to keep you parrot hydrated.

These are just a few simple things that can keep your spring or summer road trip comfortable and enjoyable. Do you travel with your parrot? What advice do you have for taking a trip with our friend?

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