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How to Keep Your Bird Entertaine


We get it: sometimes it can seem like a challenge to entertain your bird when you’re out of the house! Of course, when you’re with your beloved feathered friend, it’s genuinely effortless to keep them busy. Although your bird will have an array of toys in their cage, sometimes that’s not enough to keep the lil’ guy satisfied. If you’re looking for the best way, then here are some tips to know!

Keep the Music On

One of the best ways to keep your pet entertained is to keep the radio on! Whether it be talk radio or a Top-40 station, the possibilities are endless when it comes to selecting a radio station for your bird.

Of course, you’ll want to find a station that keeps their content consistent — because your bird won’t be pleased if the station cuts to commercials or the signal gives out at a particular time of the day.

Let them Watch Television

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Another entertainment trick for your bird? Let them watch television! That’s right: if your bird’s cage is near the TV, then that will be the best bet. Since your feathered friend loves to hear conversations and music, this will put your bird at ease, letting them know that they’re not alone in the house.

If you’re not sure that your bird will care for a particular television station, then you can indeed turn on a streaming service (such as Netflix) and let it run through a series that you feel will work best for your pet.

Provide More Toys

What do you get the bird that has everything? More toys, of course! When it comes to bird toys, the possibilities are entirely endless (and fun)! Not only will your feathered friend get some great usage out of them, but they’ll be able to have options when it comes to playtime!

If you’re looking for the best cage toys, think of anything that can dangle, that’s shiny and makes some noise. Your lil’ buddy will thank you for their new play toys in advance!

Find a new Location

Looking for another alternative to keeping your feathered friend entertained? Think about moving their cage to a different part of your home. Not only will this be the best way to keep them running around and entertained, but they’ll undoubtedly get a kick out of the new visuals around them!

Remember: you want to keep your bird away from any inconsistent temperature areas (windows and vents) and you’ll want to keep them away from dangerous objects, such as the stove, an open window/door, and ceiling fan.

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