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Knowing how to safely handle your pet can go a long way towards helping them live a happy and healthy life.  These tips will help make sure that you handle your new parrot with care.

Parrot Handling Tips:

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  • Be Gentle - While it is sometimes necessary to hold your bird firmly (when trimming their nails or clipping their wings), you should be careful to never squeeze your parrot.  Birds have very fragile skeletons.  Never put too much pressure on any part of your parrot's body.
  • Teach Them "Tricks" - One of the best ways to handle your parrot with care is teaching them to "step up."  This can go a long way towards helping you handle your bird safely.  Rather than using a towel to hold your pet, you can teach them to step up onto your finger to come out of the cage.
  • Don't Let Them Perch On Your Shoulder - Parrots are often depicted sitting on their owner's shoulders.  However, this isn't recommended.  Even a tame and friendly bird can bite if they are startled.  Hold your pet at a safe distance, away from your face and ears.
  • Clip Their Wings - Clipping your birds flying wings goes a long way towards keeping your pet safe.  When they aren't capable of flight, they will be less likely to take flight when being held.
  • Take Off Jewelry - Remove jewelry before handling your parrot.  They love to bite at small, shiny objects.  This can be painful for you - and dangerous to your pet.

Check out this article for more tips on how to safely handle your new parrot.  If you have any questions about your pet, give us a call!  We're happy to answer any questions you have about how to give your pet the best environment to grow happily and healthily.

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