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How to Care for a Sick Pet Bird at Home

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Sick parrots can be quite a worry for an owner to be, and although in some ways they are fairly hardy animal when it comes to the disease is not as indestructible. You do not have a really strong constitution, like every other living thing they need quality care when they are sick. A simple disease can rise to a deadly disease that can not be recovered if a parrot owner is not vigilant. 

If you see your parrot always less active than what it was, you must immediately check to see that it is not sick. If it is, should be immediately to the vet. However, there are times when a veterinarian is not immediately available, and you have to take him for a while, can get to your parrot treated by professional help. 

Here are some ideas to help you to take care of a sick parrot.

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Heat: Parrots like to keep warm and consume most of their energy and metabolism to warm the body up to about 104 degrees. The first thing you should do is to get the birds by artificial heat something for them and makes it possible to use its power to help deal with the disease. A cold temperature may increase the disease so that you keep the cage away from drafts. 

Humidity: providing a moist conditions for the parrot is imperative if the patient is involved in the parrot’s respiratory disease. A damp conditions can easily can hold his breath and bird free air passage. A vaporizer or humidifier will work well, otherwise you might get the cage regularly place in the bathroom and run the hot water in the shower. To find out if the bird respiratory disease in the following observation could be involved: to breathe its beak cracking noises when breathing, a discharge from the nostrils, breathing heavily or Open. 

Liquids: A sick parrot is easily dehydrated and the best thing you can do is to make a lot of fluids so that it can keep itself supplied him humidity. A sick parrot will certainly not drink a lot of water itself, so you need to administer fluids, especially when its temperature has increased and disturbed his digestion. Try it electrolyte solution, apple juice or water with the aid of the fingers or a spoon or dropper. 
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Nutrition: a good amount of food should be given to a sick parrot, so that it can mount to help power the bird fight his illness. The best thing you give a sick parrot is easy to digest a lot of carbohydrates and other items. Some examples may be: infant rice cereal, molasses, papaya juice, honey, wheat cream. 

If the parrot will not eat or vomits his food it could not force them to eat it sour crop that way. This is a serious condition requiring immediate attention because a parrot can only go a few days without eating and if she has sour crop, chances are that it does not eat. 

A sick parrot is always isolated and away from other birds, as it picked up on the stronger birds, but also in the event that a disease may spread. A sick bird should be kept in a quiet place like a sick child. Cover his cage to keep most of the light and put the cage in a warm (not hot) spot that is not in a draft. Avoid anything loud, so that it can rest peacefully around the bird.

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