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Golden Conure for sale

Golden Conures

Golden conure, often known as golden conure parrot, originated in Northeastern Brazil, specifically in the southern part of Amazon River. This medium sized bird has derived its name due to its bright yellow plumage.

We mentioned that the Golden Conure is full of adorable traits. One of those is their peculiar (and cute!) passion for talking. Common words and phrases are easily repeated, but there’s also the loved parrot-talk – the mumbling that resembles human speech. They are also skilled mimics, often repeating common sounds like kisses, beeps, and barks. These parrots are very receptive to music, and will not hesitate to dance and do a host of silly tricks when the beat drops.

When the Golden Conures are around, the flashy patterns and exotic colors become a thing of the past. Who said that simplicity is dull? These graceful and elegant parrots will prove you wrong. The body is entirely colored in a bright, rich yellow, its intensity rarely seen in aviculture. The wing tips are a rich tropical green, providing an adequate contrast and adding a bit of variety. There’s no discussion here – these birds are the real charmers in the pet parrot world, both with their elegant looks and their silly behavior.

Golden Conure has a few similarities with certain macaw breeds, but they are a separate species.

Their diet should be based on a seed mix for larger parrots. In addition, your pet should have supplements in the form of protein-rich foods. Cooked corn, beans, and pulses, as well as fruits and vegetables, should be included in the diet. For the Golden Conure, a well-balanced diet is a huge part of proper care. Baths and showers should also be regular, serving as rewards and prerequisites for good health.

As pets

Golden conures, with their entertaining and engaging behavior, are widely known for making good pets.


It is a jovial bird by nature, and it prefers climbing instead of flying within the cage, so an enclosure sizing 3ftX3ftX3ft is required. Due to its strong chewing tendency, incorporate some wooden toys and a parrot perch inside the cage. Bowls of water and food are to be placed inside the cage separately.

The bird loves to stay in a group of its own kind; so you can house multiple birds together, but make sure to provide with a big enough aviary of at least 12ftX6ftX6ft size.

Golden Conure Housing

Golden Conure Housing


Ideal breeding age for golden conure is three years onward. Ensure their privacy during the reproductive season by placing a nest box sizing 9”X16”X12” inside the cage or else it can turn hostile and aggressive.


It is likely to fall sick in cold weathers and for this, provide temperatures above 60°F for avoiding any cold-related health problems.

Golden Conure Bird

Golden Conure Bird


It is a curious bird by nature, often surprising the owner with its talking ability and impressive vocabulary. It loves human association and tends to get bored quickly, making it advisable to keep it engaged in some playful activities.


Apart from the commercial pallets available in the market, you can hand feed your golden conure with grape, cucumber, apple, orange, broccoli, sweet corn, capsicum, cauliflower, yellow and red peppers, spinach, cooked pumpkin, and beans.

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