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Furthermore,here is the type of breeds of fertile eggs we supply;All species of MACAW EGGS,COCKATOO EGGS,AFRICAN GREY EGGS,OSTRICH EGGS,AMAZON EGGS,TOUCAN EGGS,LOVEBIRDS EGGS,PARAKEET EGGS just to name a few.

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-Black palm cockatoo eggs,
-Blue and gold macaw eggs,
-Citron cockatoo eggs,
-Gang gang cockatoo eggs,
-Goffin cockatoo eggs,
-Green wing macaw eggs,
-Harlequin macaw eggs,
-Hyacinth macaw eggs,
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-Gallah Cockatoo eggs,
-Scarlet Macaw eggs,
-Sollomons Island Eclectus eggs,
-Congo African Grey parrot eggs
-Amazon Parrot eggs.
-Finches eggs
-Falcons eggs
-Emu-Love Bird eggs.
-Canaries eggs
-Conures eggs
-Electus Parrot eggs.
-Senegal Parrot eggs
-Parakeets eggs
-Cockatiels eggs
-Hawk Headed Parrots,
-Toco Toucan eggs,
-Cockatiel eggs,
-Conures eggs.

Candling of parrots fertile eggs

The candling process works by illuminating the interior of an egg so you are able to see what is inside the shell. This article will show you the correct procedure for candling an egg.

Day 1 Egg / Tag 1 Ei
Beginning Of Alimentary Tract; Vertebral Column; Nervous System And Head
Day 2 Egg / Tag 2 Ei
Beginning Of Ears And Heart. Heart Is Beating.
Day 3 Egg / Tag 3 Ei
Beginning Of Nose, Legs And Wings
Related image Day 5 Egg Day 6 Egg Day 7 Egg
Day 4 Egg / Tag 4 Ei:
Beginning Of Tongue
Day 5 Egg / Tag 5 Ei:
Formation Of Reproductive Organs
Day 6 Egg / Tag 6 Ei
Beginning Of Beak
Day 7 Egg / Tag 7 Ei
Day 8 Egg Day 9 Egg Day 10 Egg Day 11 Egg
Day 8 Egg / Tag 8 Ei
Beginning Of Feathers
Day 9 Egg / Tag 9 Ei Day 10 Egg / Tag 10 Ei
Beginning Of Hardening Of Beak
Day 11 Egg / Tag 11 Ei
Appearance Of Scales And Claws
Day 8 Egg Day 9 Egg Day 10 Egg Day 11 Egg
Day 12 Egg / Tag 12 Ei Day 13 Egg / Tag 13 Ei Day 14 Egg / Tag 14 Ei Day 15 Egg / Tag 15 Ei
Day 16 Egg Day 13 Egg Day 14 Egg Day 15 Egg
Day 16 Egg / Tag 16 Ei
Scales, Claws And Beak Becoming Firm
Day 17 Egg / Tag 17 Ei
Beak Turns Toward Air Cell

Nineteenth Day – Yolk Sac Begins To Enter Body Cavity

Twentieth Day – The Chick Is In Hatching Position. It Has Pierced The Air Cell With Its Beak. Pulmonary Respiration Has Begun.

Twenty-First Day (Average For Poultry): The Chick Breaks The Shell With Its Egg Tooth (The Sharp Horny Structure On The Upper Beak, Which Will Disappear Within Days Of Hatching). An Enlargement In A Muscle In The Back Of The Neck Also Helps The Chick Force The Egg Tooth Through The Shell.

Day 16 Egg Day 17 Egg


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