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Best Nutrition for your African grey bird

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African Greys require attention regarding their nutrition.

It should come as no surprise that nutrition plays a key role in the health of an African Grey. Far too many first-time parrot owners purchase the cheap bags of bird food from their local pet store, assuming it meets their parrot’s nutritional needs. While it may offer some nutrition, it’s almost certain to lack key vitamins and compounds that are required for healthy growth and development.

Now for the question that’s likely on your mind: should I feed my African Grey pellets or seed mix? This is a long-running debate that parrot owners continue to argue over. However, most bird experts will agree that a diet consisting of both pellet and seed is the best solution in terms of nutrition.

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Note: you can learn more about the link between vitamin A deficiency and seed-based diets in our previous blog post.

Cage Setup

  • Due to their size, African Greys require somewhat large cages that offer plenty of room for them to move around.
  • Place several different toys inside their cage to keep them occupied when no one is home (yes, African Greys get lonely).
  • Try to get into the habit of cleaning their cage on a regular basis (no parrot wants to live in a dirty cage).
  • Keep their cage away from the kitchen, as certain fumes are toxic to parrots.

Now we all know that African Grey parrots can make extremely loving and intelligent pets. These beautiful birds are capable of learning up to 1000 words, and sometimes have been accounted to know even more, and being able to use them in context!

However, their intelligence and ability to recall and use words properly aren’t the only traits that make this beautiful species so special. In a previous article, we also discussed how to transition your parrot into a new home or new cage.

Though the African Grey parrots, like many other parrot species, require a lot of attention, they can become extremely loyal lifetime companions that will bring love and joy within any household!
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