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Fertile parrots eggs,Parrots eggs,Fertile eggs for sale


Fertile parrots eggs,Parrots eggs,Fertile eggs for sale

our eggs are collected from very healthy birds in our aviary , candle tested and confirmed 100{651426b865f0a062bfb59c56b6c0524367a989180cc5ce9481bc2d06e2425863} fertile with a hatching ratio of 1.1 . Its quiet interesting raising up your own parrots .
Below is a list of all the eggs i have for sale:

Congo African Grey eggs,
Timneh Grey eggs,
Umbrella Cockatoo eggs,
Palm Cockatoo eggs,
Goffin Cockatoo eggs,
Gallah Cockatoo eggs,
Blue and Gold Macaw eggs,
Scarlet Macaw eggs,
Greenwing Macaw eggs,
Hyacinth Macaw eggs,
Military Macaw eggs
Sollomons Island Eclectus eggs,
Dyh Amazon eggs,
Toco Toucan eggs,
Cockatiel eggs,
Senegal eggs,
Conures eggs.
ostrich eggs
All our eggs are shipped along side VX turbo incubators DVD soft copy and hand manual to guide beginners raised up their parrots successfully
Shipping is available, contact us by email for more details, parrot chicks are also available for sale.

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