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Our establishment is renowned and is a foremost name in the Supply of fancy and exotic birds, puppies, animals, aquariums, pet accessories.

Every bird is hand raised at our facility. Our nursery has large glass windows, where you can view the babies being fed throughout the day.

As our babies wean, they graduate to the Bird Show Room where our customers meet and interact with our birds, and soon select a special bird to Buy.


Deposits are accepted at any age, and all new owners are encouraged to come in often to visit and bond with their new family addition. Orders can be taken if we do Not Currently have the specific bird that you are looking for.

I have assembled a very knowledgeable and customer service oriented staff. Each of them are bird owners as well. It is very important to us that each customer has an idea of what they are looking for in a bird, so that we can match the right bird to their new owner.


Presently we have expanded to provide a wide range of pets, its accessories and services. We have the experience, expertise and reputation to cater corporate requirements while we are also catering to various domains such as ceremonial functions, conferences, seminars exhibitions etc.


Our valuable experience and know how helps us to offer a complete range of pet services while our expertise can help you achieve any of your objectives in this field.


We specialise in custom built aquariums and aviaries to suit your interior/exterior decor. We also provide consultancy services for all your interiors and exteriors and welcome enquiries.

Pars Trade received a perfect Model Aviculture Program (MAP) certification score. According to Bird Talk 1/97, “you can be assured of a certain level of husbandry and professionalism by buying birds from a MAP-certified facility.” Thus, when you purchase a bird from Pars Trade, you can know you’re buying from the best.

As a parrot breeder, we specialize in happy, well-adjusted companion parrots. Confident, highly socialized babies can be your friends for life. Our baby parrots start out under their parents and then are brought into our intensive care nursery.


There, they receive lots of nurturing and gentle handling; they start out in the world feeling safe and secure. As the parrot babies develop, we add different colors and textures of toys and foods to explore with curious beaks and tongues. When they are ready, we move them from environmentally controlled brooders to natural baskets draped with colorful towels across their handles which are contained in playpens that we have in the nursery. From these baskets, which resemble natural nests, they decide when they are brave enough to peek out of their “nests” and eventually come out on their own. 


When they are brave enough, we move the playpen into the family room where they learn to fly, first by flying from one basket handle to another, or from one playpen to another, eventually from playstand to playstand.

As they develop good flying and landing skills we gradually trim their flight feathers so they gain strength and skills without gaining speed. When they are ready, we move them into cages in our parrot playroom. From the time they hatch they are raised with special socializing procedures. Good behavior is lovingly rewarded and boundaries are set at an early age. Our juvenile parrots are exposed to lots of common household items so they are familiar with them. They are socialized with different humans, both men and women. Our parrots are also raised with a variety of other parrots, so they know how to be birds and have bird manners, too.

The Best Experience Ever

Here at Pars Trade we are passionate about our pets. We consider our primary role to be compassionate caretakers of our birds and our secondary role is to expand our love for birds to caring future bird parents who are knowledgeable enough to make wise decisions when choosing which bird is the correct type for them. So please, contact us with any questions. Pars Trade strive to provide our feathered friends the happiest life possible. This includes high quality diets, shelter, toys and friends.
Ferenc Gergely

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