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More about Us!!

Parrots-Fertile Eggs Kft is your  ONE-STOP PARROT SHOP!

We are more than a shop it’s an Exotic paradise!

We specialise in hand-fed and hand-raised parrots.

We are Global,That is we deliver worldwide.

We have the largest selection of birds, Fertile eggs,parrot cages and incubators in the European Union.

We provide quality worry free boarding whenever needed along with professional grooming.

Our Speciality is hand fed, 100% from day one, baby parrots and we also 100% Fertile Parrot eggs. Everything from  Amazon,African Grey,Ostrich,Macaw,Toucan,Lovebirds, Cockatoos, Parakeets and many other breeds and species. Many of our birds are sold with a ONE YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE!!

Since we specialise in birds and don’t sell any other pets we have the highest level of knowledge to share with you.  After all these years, we have developed strong relationships with breeders to supply the highest quality birds.  New babies are arriving all the time! You are welcome to come visit and see our babies! 

Parrots-Fertile Eggs Kft is an oasis for information-starved pet lovers of all types where practical advice, tips and info on purchasing a pet from us are available right at your fingertips.

Notice to pet-keepers in other countries, we are specialist in exporting Birds and Fertile Bird eggs out of Europe. We have exported Birds and Fertile eggs to pet-keepers, private collectors and to zoos in many different countries worldwide and we are experts in dealing with governmental regulations, airline issues and other random events!

If you need help getting Birds or Fertile Eggs out of the Europe to your home country Email Or Call Us for assistance.

Our Services

Birdie Daycare

Do you work long hours and can’t give your beloved feathered friend the time he or she needs during the day?

Drop off in the morning and pick up on your way home.

Weather permitting, birds will have playtime in a screened in protected area. 

Weekly & Monthly rates available.


Grooming is done by appointment only.

Due to the addition of new services, I’ll no longer be able to offer mobile grooming.

Weekly & Monthly rates available.


We now offers bird boarding.

Board your bird in a home environment for less stress on your feathered family member.

Weekly & Monthly rates available.

Working hours

Monday- Fridays: 10:00 AM - 20.30 PM Saturday - Sunday: 10:30 AM - 16.30 PM

We are here

Call Now:​​​​ +36 30 996 6121 Whatsapp Only :​+36 30 781 7678 Mail: ​​​​​[email protected]

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