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We have all kinds of macaws, African Congo greys, etc for sale. we also have candle tested fertile eggs. we sell candled fertile tested quantities.shipping available world wide but strictly on location.hatching and hand raising formula goes with each variety of eggs.incubator. is included.our website will be available soon. we are a registered aviary with breeding experience.babies are DNA tested, kennel, vet checked (before we ship), health certificate, and food etc.

we sell birds and eggs of:
-hyacinth macaws
-scarlet macaws
-blue gold macaws
-catalina macaws
-millitary macaws.
african greys:
-congo african greys
-timneh african greys
-blue cheeked amazons
-blue front amazons
-doble yellow headed amazons
-whit fronted amazons
-green cheeked amazons
-orange winged amazons
-red necked amazons
-blue faced amazons.
-moluccan cockatoos
-umbrella cockatoos
-rose breasted cockatoos
-gang gang cockatoos
-gallah cockatoos
-goffin cockatoos

if interested in any of these birds or their eggs, get back to us for more information’s an pictures via email

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