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Eclectus Parrots

2011 spring babies 024

We have 2 x male and 2 female Eclectus for sale – 16 weeks old. Beautiful boys.

Eclectus Roratus Polychloris

We sell our hand raised bubs fully weaned, harness trained, socialized with family and other pets, healthy, loved and are able to step up, give cuddles etc. There is a lot that goes into the hand rearing of our purebred birds to ensure you are getting a happy healthy, properly weaned companion.

We also offer training, ongoing help and advice for first time owners and bird sitting should you ever need it.

They are eating pellets, fruit and veg and sprouted seed.

We can also offer complete cage set ups, foraging baskets, natural wood swings and home made treats.

You will need a license to own one of these birds which is obtainable online and you will need to bring this paperwork with you on the day of purchase.

Serious buyers are encouraged to reasearch, reasearch, reasearch…. Eccy’s are extreamily intelligent and share the stage with other great talking parrots like, African Greys and Amazons. They have particular needs as do many of the larger parrots some of thoes being dietry, apropriate housing and foraging enrichment. We are here to help and advise you if you have any questions before and after owning one of these amazing parrots.

Happy for serious buys to view the birds first.

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