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Eclectus parrot for sale, regretful sale


Eclectus parrot for sale, regretful sale

If you love a bird that will keep you company and is playful enough to never leave you bored then Toby is perfect for you. Toby is a 2 year old eclectus parrot. I’ve had him since he was a baby and he has always been a friendly bird to have and a cheerful bird in emotional/ stressful times. He can talk and say many phrases such as:
– hello
– my name is Toby. What’s your name?
– I love you
– Give me a kiss *makes kissing sound*
– Tickle tickle tickle
And many more! He is a fast learner so if you want to add a new word to his vocabulary, just keep repeating it to him and within a few days to a week he will start using the word constantly.
The only downside with Toby is his screaming. He is constantly screaming (really loud too) and wants someone to take him out of the cage and play with him. So you must have a lot of time in your hands if you want a bird like Toby. It will also be great if you’re experienced with birds and have the time and knowledge to be able to teach him to stop screaming, or at least reduce his screaming. But other than that, Toby will be a fun bird to have around and once he gets used to you he will follow you around the house and will love you a lot (as he does with me). Toby also comes with a big cage that has a play area. Please SMS me if interested as it is my preferred method of contact. Thanks 🙂

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