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The Eclectus parrot is an intelligent and active pet bird. They are also one of the more unusual members of the parrot family.

The first thing you will notice is that they are very sexually dimorphic. The male and female Eclectus are so different looking that they were originally thought to be two different species.

The male Eclectus are bright green with a yellow-orange beak while the female Eclectus are red and purple with a black beak. As soon as their feathers come in, you can tell whether the bird is male or female.

Eclectus parrots look like they are straight out of a Dr. Seuss book! Their feathers have a fur-like appearance and their colors are bright red for females, and bright green with a ‘candy corn’ colored beak for males. Aside from their mesmerizing appearance, these parrots can also be great companions.

Eclectus parrots are known as very intelligent and inquisitive birds. They simply love to learn new words and mimic new sounds, starting when they are very young. These birds are considered to be some of the better talkers in the parrot world and mimics as well.  They pay close attention to any commonly heard and repeated sounds, such as alarms, doorbells, phones or the television. Don’t be surprised when you hear your alarm go off or the microwave starts beeping – it might be your pet! They also have a loud natural call that can sometimes be harsh. It is heard most often when your pet is frightened or neglected.

There is a lot to be said about the colors of these birds, and a lot more to be seen. They are the true definition of exotic and unique parrots. The males are almost entirely bright green – a fascinating color that is almost fluorescent-like. There is a lot of smaller details, like the red and turquoise spots on the lower side of the wing. The beak is yellow on the top half and black on the lower. The females, though, are entirely different. Their heads, back, and breast are strikingly red, while the belly and neck are purple. The beak is entirely black. These colors are not like some other parrots have them – they are uniquely bright and striking. It is a sight like no other.

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