Corellas in the Garden [cockatoo birds]

Corellas are a small cockatoo native to Australia and a few nearby parts of Asia. Here they are in a garden in Canberra eating seed. On the right is larger bird, a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. The cockatoo stays around and continues eating when the corellas first fly off.

Most of the bird noises you can hear in the video are from corollas in nearby trees. Other birds calls in the video are from Currawongs and Australian magpies.

A magpies appears near the end of the video.

The movie was captured with a Panasonic HC V100 in 1080p AVCHD and imported to a Mac using Quicktime Player, edited with iMovie and exported as HD720 to Vimeo. This was a HC-V100 camera test, the focus is on the bushes and the light meter also appears to be reading the bushes. The microphone was set to maximum with no wind buffer. The dull background noise if from traffic.
cockatoo birds