Coco-Tui! [ buy parrots and eggs]


He's doing great! He has chewed through about 4 tons of cardboard (prefers egg carton cardboard) and a few pounds of wooden toys. The extra large "woodpile" was no match for this beak!

We watched the "dancing" medium sulfur crested cockatoo together last night. He hasn't figured out what "TV" is yet, but we're working on it.

He is growing more and more confident here at home with us and is turning into a snuggle-bum.

Yeah. We bought a new air-filtration system for the bird room {: but he's worth it.

He likes the "Healthy Toppings" with the dried fruit cubes, scrambled eggs (with macadamia nut oil and corn meal) and, he likes anything "bread" like toast, muffins, cookies, etc. Naturally he only got a cookie crumb, but he liked it and knows how to give a kiss for another treat.

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