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As a valued part of the family and lifelong companion, you’ll want to treat your Parrot to a lovely present over the holiday season. Here are some of the Christmas themed products we have available.

Christmas Toys
Lots of you will be putting up Christmas trees and tinsel, displaying Christmas cards and wonderful bright lights. These are all really tempting for your Parrot to chew on, so making sure you have lots of festive themed toys that are safe for your Parrot to chew on instead is very important.

The Chunky Wooden Christmas Tree is a safer, more chewable alternatives to real Christmas trees. .

Many Parrots love toys that make lots of noise. For larger Parrots, bells make a delightful sound, plus due to their shape it’s almost impossible for them to remove the parts inside. .

We’re all going to be indulging in more treats then we should over the festive holidays, so why not spoil our Parrots too?

Parrot Fruit Cups are extremely popular with most Parrots; these come in a variety of flavours and with an optional wood feeding platform. . 

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It’s not just your Parrot that needs treating this Christmas, you might like to spend a little something on yourself or the fellow Parrot lover in your life. Some birdie themed gifts you or they might like include mugs.

Our mugs come in a couple of designs, one featuring the ever popular African Grey and another featuring a selection of Parrots. .

Helpful Hints
Please remember to keep a close eye on your Parrot over the holiday season. Celebrations over Christmas and New Year’s tend to involve lots of decorations, food and drinks.

There are a number of things that are harmful to your Parrot, including chocolate, alcohol, avocado, highly salted foods like salted peanuts, holly, ivy and mistletoe (if your bird is allowed to eat them.) Our blog from last year explains the dangers of these in more detail.

Where possible you need to limit or remove the potential dangers so you and your Parrot can enjoy the holiday season.

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