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Bird Boarding for Your Family’s Summer Vacation


If you are looking to spend some time traveling this summer, you’ll want to also make sure that your pets are in good hands while you’re away. With a trusted bird boarding facility, you can ensure that your pet is taken care of — and more importantly, is happy and healthy when you return from your vacation. But why is a bird boarding facility so much better than a bird-sitter? We’ve listed out a few of the benefits below.

Why You Should Choose Bird Boarding:

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  • They’ll Stay Active – In a bird boarding facility, your pet will have plenty of activity. Your pet will be around other birds that he or she can communicate with and enjoy time with throughout the day.
  • They’ll Be Observed Carefully – When your bird is kept in a trusted facility, you know that they will be carefully observed on a regular basis. If your pet exhibits any signs of stress, a professional will be able to pick up on these signs and address your pet’s needs, whereas a bird sitter may not.

If you are planning a summer getaway, it is important that you choose a boarding facility that has the experience and means to care for your bird and give your pet the attention it deserves. Contact our Mineola pet store to learn more about our bird boarding services! We have everything that your bird needs to stay happy and healthy until you return.

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