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Available Bird Eggs – Parrots for Sale | Parrot Eggs for Sale


We have available are some freshly laid parrots eggs to hatch.
willing to sale any mixed order up to 6 to 12 eggs per package deal.
contact us if you need to buy more of the below hatching parrots eggs:

-soft bills toco toucans
-hyacinth macaws
-blue & gold macaws
-scarlet macaws
-green wing macaws
-african greys eggs
-rose breasted cockatoos
-moluccan cockatoos
-black palm cockatoos
yellow headed amazon
-yellow nape amazons
-blue front amazons

I will also provide relevant information on hatching,
feeding and day care guide newly hatch baby parrots.
can ship any order if necessary.

Fresh and Fertile ostrich eggs , parrot eggs and ostrich for sale

Fresh Hatching ostrich Eggs, feathers and chicks for sale
Fresh Ostrich Hatching Eggs ready to incubate. Ostrich eggs are
gathered daily, rinsed and sanitized and held in cool storage until
shipping. These ostrich eggs are specially packed and shipped Priority
Mail worldwide. Any timely guaranteed deliveries must be shipped
Express Mail.

We always carefully select the best ostrich eggs for incubation and
hatching. Our ostrich live in large group paddocks so the rate of
fertility is very good in our ostrich hatching eggs. However we cannot
guarantee fertility with factors affecting shipping and customer error
in incubation process. Reality of hatching is not all eggs are
fertile; not all fertile eggs will hatch; and not all chicks will
live. Success hatch rate has been 50 {651426b865f0a062bfb59c56b6c0524367a989180cc5ce9481bc2d06e2425863} or better with our customers.

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