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African Congo Grey female baby parrot hand raised


African Congo Grey female baby parrot hand raised

This little grey parrots the sweetest, most loving, smartest baby parrot our carer has ever raised. Our babies are left with the mother for the first 3 weeks to ensure optimum health before going into full time care with a very experience and attentive bird carer. This beautiful girl is the first baby from our young Congo African Grey breeding pair that came from Priam Psittaculture Centre. (Priam Parrot Breeding Center is a specialist captive parrot breeding facility in Australia which ensures excellent health and bloodlines in exotic parrots).

African Grey Parrots are beautiful, intelligent birds that make a wonderful addition to any family. Building a relationship takes lots of love, time and patience, this is why we are extremely careful of who will be lucky enough to have this beautiful girl in their home. These intelligent birds are best suited to people who have the time to keep them stimulated. If you fulfill her needs, you will have a lifelong friend – as the lifespan of an African Grey Parrot is up to 60 years. A big commitment, however, if you are a true parrot lover you will appreciate having a true friend for life.

The African grey parrot is one of the most talented talking/ mimicking birds on the planet.

YES you buy cheaper but we want only the best home for this baby and you can be sure you will be getting a well bred, healthy and exceptionally well raised parrot. they comes with DNA certification.

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