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Westerdokseiland Amsterdam NL: atmosphere of downtown
The renovation of the Westerdokseiland started in the year 2000. This depended on location of the area: near the Old Town and the pleasant surroundings of the Princen, Bickers and Real Islands. The typical characteristics of downtown and islands, such as dense housing and various uses, now return to the Westerdokseiland which is now home to 2,000 people. The houseboats in the Westerdok are rearranged and are along new public piers. On the Westerdokseiland the intimate ambience of the Jordan and the western islands is translated to the current time. Characteristic are the semi-public courtyards, the 'cours'. Also in the design of public space the intimate atmosphere of the area is clearly noticeable. The urban character of the Westerdokseiland is enhanced by the many houseboats in the Westerdok. On the Westerdok Square worry restaurants, cafes and terraces for socializing. The master plan for the entire area of OD 205 Delft.

Westerkaap I and II are the two northernmost blocks on Westerdokseiland with 302 apartments and town houses with underground parking realized in 2009. The homes are around three courtyards or "cours" built. Some of these homes are for seniors and is associated with a care concept.
Architects: For Westerkaap Phase I: Coordinating architect DKV architects with AWG architects from Antwerp and Baneke van der Hoeven architects from Amsterdam. Furnishings by DS Landscape Architects.
For Westerkaap Phase II: Coordinating AWG architect architects from Antwerp with DKV architects from Rotterdam and Concrete Architectural Associates from Amsterdam.

VOC Cour is the middle block with apartments built around a large courtyard or "cour". Divided into six structural units are 366 apartments and nine single-family homes for both sale and rental built on a parking garage. In addition, 2,400 m2 of office space (including catering) and 850 m2 childcare. The construction of the VOC Cour was completed in 2009.
Architects: MVRDV with Jeroen Schipper Architecten, Bosch Architects and Art Zaaijer.

La Grande Cour is the southernmost of the construction project Westerdokseiland. Around three "cours" 252 houses on a garage were realized. On the ground floor space for offices and catering 1.640 m2 and 1.100 m2 incubators (Urban Resort).
Architects: Coordinating architect Meyer en Van Schooten Architects with Men 5 and the Architecten Cie.

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