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We are offering fertile parrot eggs and babies for sale
when it comes to the sales and exportation of parrot eggs, birds farm net has it all. We have very fresh parrot eggs collected 2 days ago, all eggs kept in an incubator so as to make sure fertility stands , we have been selling parrot eggs for years now and we know all what it takes shipping them out. We have this eggs year round and for those of you who have trade with us you will know this is our pick period for parrot eggs. We have the following species collected already :

Hand reared,tamed macaws,african grey,cockatoo,amazon

african grey

sulphur crested cockatoo
lesser sulpuhr crested cockatoo
bare eyed cockatoo
goffin cockatoo
umbrella cockatoo
moluccan cockatoo
triton cockatoo
elenora cockatoo

catalina. Military
blue and gold
green wing
ruby macaw

white front
blue frong
yellow double head
orange wing amazon
red lored amazon
green cheek amazon
yellow nape amazon

grand electus
solomons island electus

green chick conure
sun conure

bill toucan
swan's toucan
tocu toucan

we shall ensure that delivery is effected right at your door steps.we provide details on the hatch procedure to attain a
successful 1:1 hatch ratio .we send them along side sophisticated rx jumbo rechargeable automatic thermal and humidity regulating
incubators that prevent eggs from shaking or vibrating during transportation or from getting damaged by changes or fluctuations in
the temparature . Our moq stand at 2 eggs per order. Delivery time : 1-3 days via emsdhlfedexu-ship.
we have these excellent parrots and they are excellent talkers. All parrots vaccinated against avian polyoma virus and with certifites.

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