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The generally accepted temperature for incubating almost all birds eggs is between 99.5 and 100.0 degrees F (37.5-37.8 C).  Slight variations around this temperature range is alright, but varying more than a degree up or down for extended periods of time can have an impact on your hatch rate, cause birth defects and even cause the eggs not to hatch.  A few of the exceptions to this temperature range would be for Emu and Ostrich eggs.  Emu eggs require 95.5 to 96.5 degrees F (35.3 - 35.8 C) and Ostrich eggs require 97.0 to 98.0 degrees F (36.1 - 36.6 C)

The amount of time required to incubate an egg can very quite a bit depending on the type of bird.  See the chart below.  Please note that several factors can change the amount of time listed below. The incubation temperature, humidity level, egg handling, and genetics are some of them.
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Species Incubation Period Stop Turning Eggs
Large Fowl 21 days 19th day
Bantams 21 days 19th day
Games 21 days 19th day
Barbary 23 days  21st day
Chuckar 23 days 21st day
Hungarian 23 days  21st day
Congo  26 days 22nd day
Green 28 days 26th day
Guineas 28 days 26th day
India Blue 27-29 days 25th day
Bar-Tailed 27-28 days 25th day
Blood 27-29 days 25th day
Blue Eared 26-28 days 24th day
Brown Eared 26-27 days 24th day
Buff Ringneck 24-25 days 22nd day
Cheer 26 days 24th day
Copper  25 days 23rd day
Edwards 22 days 20th day
Elliot's 25 days 23rd day
Fireback 23-24 days 21st day
Golden (Red) 22 days 20th day
Imperial  25 days 23rd day
Kalij 24-25 days 22nd day
Koklass 26-27 days 24th day
Lady Amherst 22 days 20th day
Melanistic 24-25 days 22nd day
Mikado 27 days 25th day
Reeve's 25 days 23rd day
Ringneck 24-25 days 22nd day
Salvdori's 25 days 23rd day
Silver 25-26 days 23rd day
Swinehoe 25 days 23rd day
Wattled 24-26 days 22nd day
White Eared 24-25 days 22nd day
White Mutant 24-25 days 22nd day
Yellow Golden 22 days 20th day
Benson 22 days 20th day
Blue Scaled 23 days 21st day
Bobwhite 22-23 days 20th day
Button 16 days 14th day
Cal Valley 22-23 days 20th day
Coturnix 16-18 days 14th day
Gambels 22 days 20th day
Mearns 24-25 days 23rd day
Mountain 24-25 days 23rd day
Black Spanish 28 days 26th day
Bourbon Red 28 days 26th day
BB Bronze 28 days 26th day
Giant White 28 days 26th day
Royal Palm 28 days 26th day
Wild 28 days 26th day
House Birds
Canary 14 days 12th day
Dove 14 days 12th day
Finch 14 days 12th day
Mynah Birds 14 days 12th day
Parakeets 18 days 16th day
Parrots 28 days 26th day
Amazon 28 days 26th day
Macaw 28 days 26th day
Cockatoo 28-29 days 26th day
Blyth's 28-30 days 26th day
Cabot's 28 days 26th day
Satyr 28 days 26th day
Temminck's 28 days 26th day
Western 28 days 26th day
Ducks  28 days 26th day
Muscovy 35-37 days 34th day
Geese 28-30 days 27th day
Swans 30-37 days 29th day
Rea 35-40 days 34th day
Ostrich 42 days 40th day
Emu 50-56 days 49th day
Jungle Fowl
Ceylon 20-21 days 18th day
Green 21 days 19th day
Grey 20-21 days 18th day
Red 19-21 days 17th day
Other Birds
Monal 28 days 26th day
Crane 30 days 28th day
Crested Argus 24-25 days 23rd day
Great Argus 24-25 days 23rd day
Grouse/Prairie 25 days 23rd day
Himalayan 28 days 26th day
Pigeons 17 days 13th day

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