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Beautiful Female Eclectus Parrot

Beautiful Female Eclectus Parrot

This beautiful girl is an Eclectus Parrot. She is a darling and the poor girl was badly plucked when she came to me. As you can see in the photos, her feathers are coming back nicely. She was a breeder parrot who had babies previously so when she came to me, I separated her from the male and stopped them breeding. Like I previously stated she is now getting her feathers back.

I have a gut feeling that she is tame as she is calm and hasn’t bitten me but having said that I haven’t handled her in a regular basis. This is one of the reasons I am re homing her as I feel that she has the potential of becoming a lovely companion for someone who is willing to spend time with her. I believe she is a Red sided Eclectus.
She is beautiful in my eyes and I am sure her potential owner will think the same. I will NOT let her go to just anyone. Anyone who points out that she is plucked this that and the other, only to get the price down will certainly not have her.

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